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Get your game on

I will guide you towards your healthy lifestyle transformation and support you while working towards your goal. Based on my extensive experience in the field of professional sports and exercise, I will advise you on how to make the best change in your life, whether you’re looking for improving your health, increasing your condition, getting a better figure, strengthening your body, learning to box or just simply feeling better. I will help you to increase your confidence, to boost self-esteem and feel more present. I will support you with your first step towards change and I will keep you going on the long run. I will guide you from the beginning of your journey, from the gradual change of your habits to the final transformation.

The road to victory

I was born on May 27th, 1992 in a small town in Slovakia. Inspired by my father’s humanity, strong character and unique personality, I started visiting a local fighting academy at a very young age. He’s ever since been my biggest supporter and I am grateful for having had him around when achieving most of my victories.

After winning my first local boxing championship in 2006 I knew that boxing would become my passion. I’ve won the championships of the Slovak Republic eight times and I’ve represented Slovakia at international tournaments, both at the European Championships and the World Championships. I’ve boxed with fighters of the Czech BoxingOne league, where my team became the winner of the entire league, becoming part of the Slovak elite.

In 2012 I started kickboxing and in the first year of my journey, I got to represent Slovakia at the World Kickboxing Championships in Turkey in 2013, where I won bronze for Slovakia. Over time I became interested in the art of training, the preparation process and coaching in general. I started training other people and preparing them for boxing and kickboxing competitions. We spent a couple of months preparing a group of people in bootcamps and at the age of 22 under my supervision as the national boxing trainer of Slovakia people of my team managed to win the World Championships in Rimini, Italy in 2014.

As an active athlete, I did not avoid serious injuries. Some of them made me take a break from boxing for a longer period of time. In 2014, I got back in the ring to represent Slovakia at the European Kickboxing Championships in Spain, where I won bronze despite a hand injury. One year later, I represented Slovakia at the World Championships in Dublin, Ireland where I won the bronze medal again, but after this match I said goodbye to the national team. I didn’t return to the ring until 2019, when I participated in the national Boxing Championships and became the Vice Champion of Slovakia.

Helping clients achieve their goals

After returning from the 2015 World Cup, I moved to Ireland for a year, but I felt the need to get back to Slovakia for coaching. I wanted to help people with my knowledge and experience and support them on their way to their mission. So, I returned to Slovakia and started working on it. My clients started achieving their goals, which confirmed I had made the right decision.

Together with my brother, Tommy Zold, we began to build a community of people who were interested in either boxing or public fitness trainings. We were able to create world-class conditions for the people training in the local gym and today, we help clients achieve goals at various levels, whether it’s improving health, a better condition, getting a better figure, strengthening the body, learning how to box, or simply feeling better about yourself. We support the decisions of our clients to completely change their lifestyle and we accompany them and advise them on every step of their journey until they reach their final destination.

I live an active lifestyle, love to educate myself and try to never get into the comfort zone. I love to travel, meet new people and I’m open for new extraordinary experiences. I’ve jumped off bridges, piloted airplanes, walked on fire and I give healthy lifestyle lectures at schools and co-organize regional clean-up events.

Go beyond your limits and become part of a community of people who are on their way to an active and healthy lifestyle. Get your game on!

David Zold

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22, Vienna, Austria

“David’s approach is great, it gives me a lot mentally and physically. I recommend David to anyone who wants to be fit, but does not know how to do it, to everyone who can’t keep the discipline, but also to everyone who is just starting out. David will make your workouts super interesting and will definitely get you on the right track. “


27, Paris, France

“You are a master of your craft and a great person at the same time. You’re helping people to improve not only the physical part, but also the psychological part of their problem, and that is priceless. You are a role model to many, and I love your motivational videos, which reach people, who really need it. “


30, London, United Kingdom

“David motivated me to start great morning workouts. He is an amazing person and a perfect coach. David will help you if you don’t know how to start, you lack motivation or just want to change something in your life. The atmosphere during workouts is both relaxed and professional.”


I will be happy to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle.