A long and healthy life starts with optimal exercise: these are the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle

A long and healthy life starts with optimal exercise: these are the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle

Overwork, anxiety, fatigue, exhaustion, a poor diet, overweight, stress everywhere and no time to relax. No time for yourself throughout the day and not being able to sleep at night. This trend has become more frequent over the past couple of years, as we live in a fast age. I will give you an insight on how to change it and get joy, energy, passion, strength and health back to your life.


Physical exercise

Optimized physical activity should be a part of our daily routine. If it’s correctly set and maintained for a longer period of time, it can have a very positive effect on our health. Physical activity improves our metabolism, mental health and concentration. It destroys depression, regulates blood pressure, increases energy levels, builds self-confidence and much more. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, our body weight normalizes, we are in a good mood more often, and therefore we look more attractive.



You can consider this in many ways, such as your diet, your physical activity, the quality of sleep and relaxation, personal hygiene habits, time spend in nature, at work and with your friends and family. I see it as a connection of all of these elements in a way that suits me. The best example of an optimized regime is the natural regime. In nature we see the sun rise in the morning, everything waking up and that’s the first moment we can do something good for our health, whether it’s a great morning workout, a fresh walk outside, reading a book or meditating. I believe that just the idea of ​​having such a great morning just filled you with energy and freshness for the rest of your day. Now it’s up to you to execute.


A good night’s sleep

We have been taught to put in our best ever since we were born, and we’ve been not allowed to make any mistakes. Until we first go to school, this is fine, but as soon as our want to “control” our lives (out of true love), we should be careful. At school, we are learned to work with grades, with some numbers and marks. We learn that mistakes must not be made, and only good work is rewarded. As we grow up, we are told to always tide up at home, put in the maximum at work, not miss out on anything and being the best man, woman, mother, father, parent that’s possible. And tomorrow it all starts again. Can we remain this pace until we die?


While we’re young, we quickly become perfectionists who neglect our health because of our own presumption of ourselves, because we wanted to do everything right. That just doesn’t make sense to me. Therefore I recommend you to find balance between everything and always grant yourself some rest, visit a spa, enjoy time in nature, spend time with friends, drink good wine, watch a comedy on TV and get enough sleep, preferably from 1-2 hours before midnight to 7AM in the morning.


Eating habits

“You are what you eat.” is something I definitely agree with, because the kind of fuel you put into yourself, gives you the performance you need. So many studies of eating habits exist, that I’ve decided to skip on giving specific advice on how to eat, what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat or what diet is best. But what I can say is that it’s definitely better for us to be hungry sometimes than being stuffed all the time.


Emotional harmony

Do you know someone who always looks calm and happy? Someone who always smiles, is friendly and respectful to others. What if you could be like that person and everyone would like to meet you? Emotional harmony is the idea that people can experience inner peace and rest, despite chaotic circumstances, negative emotions or difficult trials. It is a process of positive internal communication, belief work, and securing your joy in that which is constant and unchanging.


If you feel tired, stressed or you’re endlessly chasing perfection in your life and you no longer want to continue that way, get in touch with me and I will help you change your habits. I will guide you during trainings and lead you into a healthier lifestyle.

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