Fitness centers are open again. Going back or training from home during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Fitness centers are open again. Going back or training from home during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The last couple of months have been challenging for all of us. Spending more time at home due to restrictions has made us gain weight and get back to bad eating habits. Closed gyms have decreased our physical activity levels and the rise of online grocery shopping possibilities hasn’t contributed to our health either. It will take some time before things will return to normal, but the good news is that gyms are reopening in phases, which many of us will certainly enjoy. If you are considering visiting your local gym again or working out from home with online trainings, here are a few things to consider.


Back to the gym

Many of us were used to workout with personal trainers and professional equipment in an environment specially designated for it. The meetings, the networking, the music and all the people focusing on the same goal as you at one place have become a part of the decision making of visiting a gym. And what’s more, it’s a pleasant change of environment after a long exhausting working day at the office.


Well, there is great news for all fans of the gym. Most of the (local) fitness centers have reopened or are planning to do so, which means we can restart our training sessions. I will be happy to guide you during our individual or group workouts.


Online training

Although gyms are slowly reopening, the situation is not the same as before and possibly never will. Strict safety and hygiene measures can lead to unpleasant restrictions and some of you will consider choosing the private outdoor or garden workout.


As most people stay home, most businesses are considering how to speed up the change to the online world and personal trainers are no exception to the trend. Training online has its pros and cons for both personal trainers and clients, but for now let’s accept the options that are being offered during this unprecedented situation.


If you are among those who like to exercise from the comfort of their home, try out my online training sessions with tailored workouts for small living rooms with no need for equipment, which means everyone with a smartphone and internet can join. Be safe!

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