Gold Group

Take on a victory mindset

GOLD GROUP the premium workout program

GOLD GROUP by David Zold is intended for a limited group of people who have definitely decided to change their current lifestyle for the better. GOLD GROUP members are determined to throw away their old habits and not to remain frustrated or dissatisfied with their current situation. They are ready to learn about new ways and perceptions, which can improve their health, help with their weight, fix their eating habits, get to know and accept their body and discover a huge inner strength. GOLD GROUP members are heading for change for the better forever.

Becoming part of GOLD GROUP means getting a better condition, vitality, figure and mainly to gaining insight on how to live life to the fullest.

The main ingredients of the program


You will have regular exercise under professional supervision based on an individual training plan. We will reshape your habits that will gradually become your new routine.


We will set up a healthy and varied diet for you. We will create healthy and sustainable eating habits and you will learn to distinguish what's suitable for your body and what isn't.


As part of the program you will have access to a professional physiotherapist, spa treatments and massages for perfect recovery and relaxation of your body and mind.

Successful body transformation


I weighed 253 lbs and I knew I needed a big change. I approached David – now my very good friend – who helped me reach a weight of 180 lbs during my full body transformation plan and I am incredibly grateful for that.

Currently I feel amazing, I am full of energy and I am unmistakably sure that all people who join David’s body transformation program will find out that it will not only change their body, but their entire life!


67 lbs down is really a lot and my figure has changed significantly for the better. It is also easier for me to get clothes on. People immediately noticed my change and their most frequent question was: how did you do that?


When you go through such a big change and realize what you've done, you start believing in yourself again. In addition, I feel much more attractive than before.


My body gave me back my health. Most importantly, I no longer have health problems, I sleep better, I am not frustrated, and I no longer feel so much stress. For years it was a big burden on my body.


I'm on a new journey. Everything is possible again and I hope that this life change will last forever, because this is how it finally makes sense to me!

Become a GOLD GROUP member and take the first step towards big change

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