How to choose the right personal coach?

How to choose the right personal coach?

Having the right personal coach may change or even save someone’s life. This article describes how to find a suitable coach, how coaching should look like from my perspective and why coaching became my passion.



Why is this question of choosing the right coach so important? First, we all have different requirements and goal settings, whether it’s the desire for a better shape, losing or gaining body weight or changing your eating habits and general lifestyle. If you do fighting sports, for example, you might be curious about how to lose weight fast, and this can be tricky if you ask a fitness trainer, who isn’t experienced in training fighters, which might mean you end up disappointed, as he won’t be able to guide you into the right direction. That’s why you should always check on the focus of your personal trainer you plan to get on a boat with and check double, whether it corresponds with your goals and requirements.



A good personal trainer isn’t only about coaching certificates and education, although it’s a good thing to start with. What’s more important, is the amount of practical experience in the field, which can take years to acquire. The trainer’s overall lifestyle should be generally in line with his claims and the results of his clients should be an example of his philosophy. It’s also smart to check if his local clients regularly end up in competitions or championships.


Training approach

In my opinion is the training approach the most important thing to consider if choosing a trainer. A lot of times I see so called ”experts” chatting throughout the training, laying around, barely move around or check on their watch to see when their client’s training will finally end. To be honest, often it might be your partner, best friend or colleague, who is a better trainer than the ”expert”.

A trainer should be supportive, be able to motivate the client correctly, encourage him and be full of energy. Another important aspect is communication and showing interest for the client’s pains and in general. It’s the client who is going through times and obviously needs to clear his head throughout the trainings and it should be none of the client’s business to know whether the trainer is just having a bad day or problems himself.

Clients love to come back home relaxed and that’s the reason why the right approach of a trainer is as important as his specialization.


Goal setting and planning

“Well, let’s start training tomorrow. We will train three times a week and see what happens. I’m curious myself.” – I am convinced that most of you don’t want to hear this from a trainer you just paid a month subscription to. Since coaching became my passion and achieving my client’s goals the ultimate mission, I have learned that the beginnings in any field can be challenging for anyone. The client needs to prepare for it mentally and depending on the trainer’s ability to plan the client’s journey towards the final goal, he will succeed and progress. At the beginning it should be mainly fun, to have the client returning, wanting to continue hustling and experiencing the small changes. Suddenly the goal becomes closer than it seemed. If the client is not sufficiently informed about the vision or preview of what follows, it may discourage him from continuing as he might no longer see the point of doing it.


Price equals quality

The trainer’s quality and the services he provides are important things to consider, when putting money into your health. The price you pay should equal the trainer’s experience, approach, and ability to help you achieve your mission. Communicate your goal settings, whether it’s general improvement of your health, a better condition, an athletic figure, regular exercise, a healthier lifestyle or a higher success rate at competitions. Then ask yourself what price is worth for you to pay.



“I’ve heard something about that personal trainer, as Laura trains with him.” – ”Yes, Laura has changed a lot and she is always in a good mood. There will be something about it.”

This is the most frequent type of recommendation I hear on a regular basis. In order to have recommendations like this, a trainer needs to have two things: quality and approach. If you will ever hear a recommendation like this, it will be likely that you’ve found the right candidate for your workouts. The people who have worked with a specific trainer will be able to tell you what their trainer is like and you will be able to make a decision even before you get in touch with him. Make sure to always triple check on the recommendations and never rely on just one opinion.


I’m really enjoying the journey of helping people move towards their goals. These people are an example of how small steps in the beginning can change their entire life. If your personal trainer has quality and the right approach, you are most certainly heading to a better lifestyle.

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